'Fragrant Memories' by Renée Kanowitz [painting on canvas 8'' x 10'']


Artist profile:

Renée Kanowitz 

An abstract Sydney based artist who explores relationships with colour and texture to depict her love and joy of flora and landscape. Renée celebrates pigment and thick painterly applications that lead to lively energetic paintings that are non-representational but hint at the natural world which are bold, bright and textured. The subject matter is the varied landscape and flora of Australia mixed with the landscape and colour she grew up with. 

Renée moved to Australia from South Africa in 1997 and paints in her home studio. She challenges herself constantly with a variety of subject matter expressing and interpreting many techniques by use of mixed media to create her distinctive voice. 

Renée’s works have been sold in Australia and internationally.

Her passion of the arts has taken her to places and meetings with artists beyond her wildest dreams. She belongs to various groups and societies to share their creativity with people from all walks of life. 

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

Renée is supporting “Honour Her” in memory of her late grandmother who passed away too soon in life. One of her many memories of her are the times they spent gardening & learning about flora. Hence her artworks are titled …….

“Fragrant Memories”  and “Whispering Orchids”

Many years later Renée named her daughter after her grandmother’s precious soul!

Instagram: @reneekanowitzart

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