‘Everyone has a story’ by Marina Robins [acrylic on canvas 10 x 8"]


Artist Profile:

Marina Robins

Marina Robins is a Canadian born artist who’s practice includes dance music and visual creations. She lives on Darug country and is surrounded by a tidal river, bush and a creek.  A landscape that is constantly changing. Some of the changes are very subtle and some more dramatic. She lets her interaction with her environment influence her work. This is reflected in the materials  used and the way  they are manipulated.   Marina’s works are constructed using a variety of mediums to produce paintings and sculptures. She also enjoys using found objects to create works with meaning and beauty.

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

My work is a still life, a book and a vase of flowers. Something that can be found in just about every hospital room. It is a quiet, contemplative painting. The book on the table is by Caroline de Costa, one of the first women to become a gynaecologist. 

I have spent time in hospital with a cancer patient, a loved one. The asymmetry of the vase reflects the challenges doctors face finding the cancers early enough for treatment to be effective.  Times moves very slowly when wonderful doctors are combating a cancer that moves silently and quickly. Chemo is cruel. It takes so much out of a person, before the rewards are reaped.  

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