'Chaotic Spring' by Jane Hightower [acrylic on canvas 24inch x 24inch]


Artist profile:

Jane Hightower

Jane Hightower has spent most of her life raising her six children and working as a registered nurse. When diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer in 2014, she began to see life through a whole new lens. Winning her battle against cancer, her daughter said to her “Mom, you’re so much happier since you had cancer!’ That statement stayed with Jane, and empowered her with the freedom and courage to explore creative outlets she had previously believed were closed to her. She began earnestly painting in 2020, and is looking forward to growing more as an artist as she approaches the “Empty Nest” stage of her life.

Artist Statement

I couldn’t sleep after learning that my friend’s best friend had died of cancer. He was the Steinbeck of the South Bay. He was eccentric and kind and the world is a darker place without him in it. This painting emerged that night. “Chaotic Spring”


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