'All a Flutter' by Aylin Eser [acrylic on canvas 50cm x 30cm]


Artist Profile:

Aylin Eser

My name is Aylin Eser and I am an emerging contemporary artist from Melbourne. My artwork is heavily influenced by the wild, exotic and beautiful world of flora. Colours, sounds, nature and a love of life all play a major role in my creative journey. I desire to capture the essence of beauty in my paintings and to honour and celebrate its eternal presence both within and all around us. 

My floral artworks, including ‘All A Flutter’ are a representation of my ‘bloom where you are’ philosophy. This means being authentically you and expressing your true self with whatever means you have, right here right now. We all have challenges in our lives at some point, whether they be a physical ailment, financial lack or debilitating emotional strain. My life experiences have taught me that acceptance of the status quo is paradoxically the first step in overcoming the obstacles we face. Acceptance does not mean passively giving up. Rather, it means empowering ourselves by focussing on and taking action for what we can do in each given moment. 

'I am supporting Honour Her'....   

I lovingly donate ‘All A Flutter’ to the Honour Her campaign as a reminder to all women that we each have the power to take genuine, heart-led action in the now, expressing the beauty within each of us and allowing ourselves to bloom exactly where we are, just as we are. 

Instagram: @art_byaylineser

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