WomenCan - Horsham & District Harness Racing Club Team Teal 2021

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I'm challenging myself to race in teal pants to raise awareness and much-needed funds for ovarian cancer research.

In February and March, Horsham and District Harness Racing Club along with West Side Horsham are challenging themselves and others to donate to WomenCan Team Teal to support and raise awareness and much-needed funds for ovarian cancer research.

Funds raised, support the Research Nurse Grant Program and the Survivors Teaching Students Program.

Thank you for donating to my page.

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West Side Horsham Team Teal Ladies Day

This is the funds raised form the Team Teal Ladies Day event hosted by West Side Horsham on behalf of the Horsham & District Harness Racing Club. Thnak you to all those that made it a wonderful event.


Darryl James Edwards


Tony Logan

Congrats TeamTeamWesternVic - 24 wins during the campaign by Emma, Michelle, Denbeigh, Jackie & Kerryn. Tony adds another $45 to make total $120. Thanks Vicky, West Side & TT supporters - back again 2020


Tony Logan

Tony is supporting the Western Vic Team Teal Girls during the campaign @ $5 win - in the first 16 days Jackie, Denbeigh, Kerryn & have notched up 8, full steam ahead to 14/3/


Tony Logan

Update - The TT Western Vic Girls are now up to 15 wins, so Tony kicks in another $35....come on, chip in some cash to help Vicky @ West Side Horsham reach her goal - every dollar helps.


Olivia Tuohey

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