Townsville's Ovarian Cancer Team

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Fundraising for a Janice Mayes Ovarian Cancer Research Grant

For the next year with a group of Townsville men and women I am raising money to establish a Janice Mayes Ovarian Cancer Research Grant. Janice was a member of our local ovarian cancer coffee club and with her family we want to honour her through a $50,000 research grant to assist in finding better treatments for this terrible disease.

My personal journey with ovarian cancer was a stage 4 Ovarian Cancer diagnosis in 2016 at the age of 27. Almost 3 years on I am happy to report I am happy and living my best life, since April 2019 I have been disease free. I am passionate about increasing awareness about this terrible disease amongst men and women as well as advocating and fundraising for more research into treatments.

I don't post often but to know more about my experience with cancer you can check out my blog


Thank you to my Supporters


Eliza Elsworthy


Terry And Lynda

We wish you well and hope you have a good recovery and great success with your fundraising.We have a young daughter-in law also battling cancer( breast and bone cancer) we also know how important awareness is. Terry and I are so proud of her and her determination to survive, just amazing like you an inspiration to others.Best wishes and we hope you'll smash your $50k target.


Sharon Willetts


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Christmas Raffle


Rebecca & Tyler Smith

Great work Alisha. My Aunty Janice was very special to us. Thank you for doing this.


Caitlin Rushby

Amazing job Alisha :)


Joan Fanning


Karyna Hansen

So proud of you Alisha and so happy to see you strive!


Alysha Stanford

You’re incredible, Alisha x