Townsville's Ovarian Cancer Team

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Fundraising for a Janice Mayes Ovarian Cancer Research Grant

For the next year with a group of Townsville men and women I am raising money to establish a Janice Mayes Ovarian Cancer Research Grant. Janice was a member of our local ovarian cancer coffee club and with her family we want to honour her through a $50,000 research grant to assist in finding better treatments for this terrible disease.

My personal journey with ovarian cancer was a stage 4 Ovarian Cancer diagnosis in 2016 at the age of 27. Almost 3 years on I am happy to report I am happy and living my best life, since April 2019 I have been disease free. I am passionate about increasing awareness about this terrible disease amongst men and women as well as advocating and fundraising for more research into treatments.

I don't post often but to know more about my experience with cancer you can check out my blog


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Rebecca & Tyler Smith

Great work Alisha. My Aunty Janice was very special to us. Thank you for doing this.


Caitlin Rushby

Amazing job Alisha :)


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Karyna Hansen

So proud of you Alisha and so happy to see you strive!


Alysha Stanford

You’re incredible, Alisha x