Townsville's Ovarian Cancer Team

Townsville's Ovarian Cancer Team

Fundraising for a Janice Mayes Ovarian Cancer Research Grant

We are a Townsville and North Queensland team of women and family members affected by Ovarian Cancer. We are raising funds for research for Ovarian Cancer treatments. In 2020 we are specifically fundraising to establish a Janice Mayes Ovarian Cancer Research Grant.

A word from Janice's husband Mike:

'My wife Janice Mayes was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in September 2018 and passed away in August 2019. Throughout this period, Janice was tenacious in researching Ovarian Cancer, passionately engaging with women at a national and international level, and learning all she could about this cancer that claimed so many women’s lives but had so little support compared to other cancers.
Janice loved life and family and had a history of empowering women; she was a formidable Barrister and used her courageous intellect to research and advocate with other women who had Ovarian Cancer. She was recognised amongst her Ovarian Cancer peers as a leader and she would be so honoured to see the Janice Mayes Ovarian Cancer Research Grant established.' Mike Reynolds.

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So proud of you Alisha and so happy to see you strive!


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You’re incredible, Alisha x