ITTACc – The latest trial for women with cervical cancer

03 Nov 2021

WomenCan fundraises to support clinical trials conducted by ANZGOG, a world leader in gynaecological cancer research.

ITTACc is ANZGOG’s latest study for patients with cervical cancer.

ITTACc is a study for patients who have advanced recurring metastatic cervical cancer, which has progressed from standard platinum-based chemotherapy. Most of these patients are out of options and are seeking new opportunities for survival.

The study is currently in development and will open for recruitment in 2022. The aim of ITTACc is to give these patients an option apart from palliative care, to control the symptoms of cervical cancer and improve their quality of life.

“It’s about giving hope to those women that it's not the end of the line, that there might be something else to help them survive.” 

Dr Jeffrey Goh

Principal Investigator of ITTACc

ITTACc will provide access to immunotherapy in a second line setting for patients and test the combination of immunotherapy with a targeted treatment called sitravatinib. This will assess the benefits of the treatment combination, rather than immune therapy alone.

This will be the first trial to implement TR-ANZGOG, ANZGOG’s translational research initiative. ITTACc will test patients’ tumours for biomarkers that may predict longer term survival in response to immune therapy and identify a subset of patients, who will largely benefit from the treatment.

Each year approximately 933 Australian women and 380 New Zealand women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. The ITTACc study intends to give these women (and people with a cervix) greater opportunities and help them to live better and live longer.

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