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Alison's Story

5 November 2020

Associate Professor Alison Brand – former Chair of ANZGOG, Gynaecological Oncologist, and researcher

Life for women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer is turned upside down after the shock of diagnosis, sometimes without warning. This hasn’t changed during the COVID-19 crisis.

I know that women, and their families, facing stressful treatments and an unknown future are often highly emotional, anxious and scared. They want to be reassured that I will do everything possible to treat their disease.

I specialise in treating gynaecological cancers which are located in a woman’s reproductive organs including ovaries, uterus, vagina and cervix. I am also a researcher and feel passionate that research will help improve life for my patients.

Living longer is always my patient’s greatest wish. But for many, sadly that’s not possible. Although advances are being made, improvements in survival for these cancers have lagged behind other cancer types.

Virtually every advance in cancer survival has been made on the back of clinical trials. And you can’t do a clinical trial all by yourself. You need the collaboration of lots of other people. ANZGOG is the catalyst that brings these people together – from basic scientists who work in the lab, to clinicians who work at the bedside, to patients and of course the wonderful generous donors whose gifts make this all possible.

Your donation can be an end of year gift to improve life for women with gynaecological cancers – please help today.